How to prepare an action plan to achieve the objective?

An action plan to achieve the objective is also an equally important element of ISO 9001:2015 when setting the objective. In the previous blog, we discussed the base value and target setup to consider to establish an objective. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to prepare an action plan to achieve the objective.

We must consider (1) what, (2) when, (3) who, (4) how, and (5) resources while setting an action plan for an objective. Execution of actions is not one person’s responsibility but it is a team involved. If the child has to score 85% marks (from the current level of 80%) in class 6, every family members are responsible to contribute to achieving a score of 85%. Read the previous article to understand the base value and target. Let us understand the objective and action plan with a simple example.

Objective – To improve exam performance

Base value – 80% (based on past performance from class 1 to class 5)

Target value – 85% in class 6

Father is responsible to provide resources like textbooks, reference books, study material including videos, and stationery. The mother is responsible to prepare a schedule for study, to monitor the schedule implementation, and to motivate through stories, to cultivate good habits for food and exercise. The child is responsible to follow instructions, execution of schedule, utilization of resources.

If the responsibility of each member is clearly defined, you can detailed action plan with (1) what to do (2) who will do (3) when to do and (4) how the result will be evaluated, etc.

We are going to discuss a simple form in our next article which will fulfill the requirements of clause 6.2.1, objective and 6.2.2, action plan, and 9.1.1, monitoring of objective and action plan.

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