How to set the quality objective?

Usually, the objective is set on a yearly basis either a calendar year or financial year. I noted that the objectives and target values are KEPT UNCHANGED FOR MANY PAST YEARS.  THIS INDICATES THAT TOP MANAGEMENT IS NOT INVOLVED TO SET OBJECTIVES. Sometimes there is no reference given for base value and the auditee is not aware of it. I have explained the process to set the quality objective with simple examples.

You can repeat the same objective for next year but you need to review the target value to achieve it critically. The based value is derived from past performance and the target is set for future expected performance. We need to understand the process of setting the quality objective with a simple and easy example.

My child did study classes 1 to 5, and the school progress card value I wrote on a paper. It indicates that the child can get a score of about 80%. The value of 80% is the child’s past performance and it is the base value. For class 6, the target to achieve is set considering the past performance (ie. base value). It would be difficult to achieve 95% because no child has scored 95%. It would be very easy to achieve 85% because there are many children who have scored above 85%.

If the target value is set between 85% to 90% looking to the capacity of the child, involvement of the parent and availability of resources. To set the quality objective for this example,

  • Objective = To improve exam performance
  • Base value = 80%
  • Target value = 85%


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