Action plan form to achieve the objective

If you are familiar with ISO standards including quality, environment or health & safety, or others, (1) clause 6.2.1 requires setting an objective (2) clause 6.2.2 requires setting an action plan to achieve the objective and (3) clause 9.1.1 requires to monitor the objective and action plan for the intended purpose.

I have seen during the audit where one record is made available stating the objective and another set of documents is made available stating the action plan and monitoring records are available for objective status but not for the action plan. It is because of a poor understanding of the requirement. there are two requirements to monitor (1) the status of the action plan and (2) the status of the objective.

It is also difficult to establish a linkage between the above-stated documents and a necessity felt to set a form in such a way that all the above requirements can be addressed in one document.

The form attached herewith will help you to demonstrate the requirements of all the above.

  • Columns 1 to 7 state the requirements from clause 6.2.1 (regarding to set an objective)
  • Columns 8 to 11 state the requirements from clause 6.2.2 (regarding the action plan to achieve the objective).
  • Column 12 states the requirements from clause 9.1.1 (regarding the monitoring of the action plan)
  • The monthly or quarterly monitoring status indicates the requirements of clause 9.1.2 (regarding the monitoring of objective status)

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