Webinar Completed on Industrial Precautionary Measures of COVID-19

AKSHAR Management Consultant is pleased to complete webinar on Industrial Precautionary Measures of COVID-19. During this pandemic, Webinar has been conducted with an intention to spread awareness on precautionary industrial measures on COVID-19. More than 700 participants from India and abroad have participated in this webinar.

This FREE WEBINAR has been developed by TEAM of experts from safety professionals belongs to various industries. All content have been prepared through various brain storming sessions. A well sound pictorial content have been developed by TEAM. Various AGENDA points are discussed and presented in this webinar. All team members of AKSHAR management consultant have participated to delivered various agenda points in webinar. Following agenda points were covered.

  • Visitor Protocol
  • Entry & Exit Protocol
  • Transport
  • Security Access
  • Meeting Protocol
  • Employees Moral Responsibility
  • Wash Rooms
  • Induction Training For Awareness
  • Canteen Operation
  • Production Operation
  • PPEs & Disposal
  • Medical Team
  • Office & Building
  • Housekeeping Staff
  • COVID-19 Team Development
  • COVID-19 Emergency Plan
  • Documents & Records
  • Immunity Boosting
  • Moral Boosting
  • Myths & Facts
With respect to HUGE amount of registration, Webinar has been conducted in 7 Batches. 6 batches have been conducted in HINDI and 7th batch has been conducted in ENGLISH language. It has been a wonderful experience to all.

if you would not enhance knowledge, skill or fitness for health, during this LOCKDOWN period, it would not be an issue of availability of time with you but it must be an issue of discipline with you.

Akshar Management Consultant has a core competency in training delivery. We design training courses considering participant’s interest, industrial example, exercise and final assessment. Presentation is always appreciated because of facts & information including eye-catch content by participants.

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Akshar Management consultant is now on YouTube. All training video of this webinar related to this COVID-19 Industrial Precautionary Measures have been gradually uploaded on AKSHARQHSE YouTube channel. Follow AKSHARQHSE on YouTube to stay updated with other ISO standard related trainings and QHSE awareness programs.

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