Training on 7 QC Tools @ Shiva Performance Material, Vadodara

Training on “7 Quality Control Tools” has been recently completed at Shiva Performance Material (Shiva Pharmachem Ltd) located at Karakhadi, Vadodara. It has been in-house training course and participants from various departments and highly appreciated.

Training course is not only explaining of basic quality control tools but also intended application, exercises and case study for in depth understanding and application in daily work assignment.

These tools are used since 1950 for data capturing, sorting, problem identification, problem solving, root cause identification and detection of problem in advance stages.

Following tools are covered.

  • Check Sheet
  • Flow Chart
  • Histogram
  • Pareto Chart
  • Cause & Effect Diagram (Fish Bone Diagram)
  • Control Chart
  • Scattered Chart

In past we have conducted many open house training program on various topics including Environment  Legislation, Safety Regulation, Internal Auditor Training etc.

Akshar Management Consultant is one of leading ISO consultant and ISO training provider in Gujarat

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