Food Safety & Hygiene Measures w.r.t. COVID-19

Food Safety & Hygiene Measures with respect to COVID-19

AKSHAR Management Consultant is pleased to announce webinar training on ‘Food Safety & Hygiene measures w.r.t. COVID-19’. As government is gradually lifting lockdown and the businesses are raising again towards resuming their operations, various lockdown reliefs are granted by the government. COVID Safety becomes a necessary requirement at each stage of business operation for employees as well as for employer. For that, AKSHAR Management Consultant announces this webinar with an aim to spread awareness on food hygiene and food safety guidelines for food businesses. There is now an urgent requirement for the food operators to compliance with measures to protect food workers from contracting COVID-19, to prevent exposure to or transmission of the virus, and to strengthen food hygiene and sanitation practices.

Maintaining the movement of food along the food chain is essential function to which all stakeholders along the food chain needs to contribute. This is also required to maintain consumer confidence in the safety and availability of food. Government is providing gradual reliefs to food business operators, and during this pandemic, safety becomes the primary requirement of customers. This webinar session is developed with the target of spreading awareness on food safety & hygiene guidelines with respect to COVID-19 at FOOD Businesses. This webinar is developed by our team of food safety professional, having vast expertise in food safety & hygiene.

Date of Webinar

5th June 2020


14:30 to 16:30 (2 Hours)


500 INR per Participant

For Registration of Webinar –

Earlier, AKSHAR Management Consultant has conducted WEBINAR on ‘Post Lockdown – Industrial Precautionary Measures on COVID-19’. We have received HUGE number of registrations of participants and conducted above webinar in 8 batches. It has been wonderful experience to all participants. We have received a great number of responses and consultancy inquiries related to COVID-19 industrial measures subsequent to this webinar. As a result of it, AKSHAR management Consultant is happy to announce their first project on COVID-19 precautionary safety measures at Plasser India Pvt. Ltd.

Akshar Management Consultant has a core competency in training delivery. We design training courses considering participant’s interest, easy to understand examples and exercises. Presentation is always appreciated because of facts & information including eye-catch content by participants.

Akshar Management consultant is now on YouTube. All training video of COVID-19 Industrial Precautionary Measures webinar have been uploaded on AKSHARQHSE YouTube channel. Follow AKSHARQHSE on YouTube to stay updated with other related trainings and QHSE awareness programs.

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