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A TOOL for enhancing, EHS awareness at a new height. EHS Publication is updated regularly. Keep visiting us and download at FREE. Our clients do regular EHS Toolbox Talks on weekly basis with help of their employees only.

EHS Publication


It is said that every person in the industry is the first safety officer. On other hand, no one is aware of the level of safety officers. We expect that everyone has to perform best to the level of safety officer. When a new employee is joined in the industry, you can not make him aware of all safety-related requirements and norms and even it is also a time-consuming job. Safety and environment are so wide subjects that even safety officers are also sometimes not fully aware. If you wish to make people aware of such EHS requirements, you must provide little dose consistently that helps to enhance awareness Weekly EHS Publication is a tool for enhancing EHS awareness consistently. These publications are prepared by a team of experts who possess vast experience in different industrial sectors and emphasis is given to explaining through simple text and pictorial messages as much as possible depending on the topic.

  • Pictorial message as possible or suitable to the topic.
  • Relevant to Environment, Health & Safety toolbox
  • Available in English
  • FREE access to everyone